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    Compact SZBOX T-Box Pro PC Specs, Features, Price, And More!

    Peter Ray

    By Peter Ray - Jul 7, 2024 | Updated On: 07 July, 2024 | 4 min read

    By Peter Ray , 4 min read - Jul 7, 2024

    Updated On: 07 July, 2024

    Compact SZBOX T-Box Pro PC Specs. Image Credit: Ali Express.

  • Just think about the possibilities of owning a PC that you can hold in the hollow of your hand. That’s the Mini PC, the SZBOX T-Box Pro PC.

    Introducing the compact SZBOX T-Box Pro PC specs, a mini powerhouse offering the best. It can be recommended to all those who demand a fast and efficient mini PC.

    The Compact SZBOX T-Box Pro is a new miniature computer capable of performing fast and efficiently and packed into a small case. Here’s a closer look at what makes this device stand out:

  • About The Mini-PC: Size and Dimensions

    The mini-PC’s length and width are 7.3 cm * 7.3 cm, and its height is 4.3 cm. It is small but mighty, weighing 200 grams.

    The compact SZBOX T-Box Pro PC specs are a little powerhouse with various ports, so you can easily connect all your equipment. It also has a fan inside to keep it cool when used intensively.

    It also incorporates WiFi and Bluetooth, creating numerous wireless connection possibilities. It includes a 35W USB Type-C GaN power adapter, which means it is efficient when charging the device.

    One of the mini-PC’s strengths is the M.2 slot, which allows you to carry your storage or order the laptop with an SSD installed. This flexibility also means you can easily design it with the characteristics you want from the mini-PC.

  • Where We Use Compact SZBOX T-Box Pro PC Specs?

    The Compact SZBOX T-Box Pro is a mini-computer with robust components and a small size. It is versatile and may be applied in different ways.

    The compact SZBOX T-Box Pro PC specs are perfect for working from home and general productivity tasks. It runs office applications well because of the two network ports, which provide stable and fast connections even in complicated networks.

    The graphics are Intel UHD graphics that support light-to-moderate gaming. It is portable and easily movable from one place to another. It is also very easy to install.

    Compact SZBOX T-Box Pro PC Specs

    Compact SZBOX T-Box Pro PC Specs. Image Credit: Ali Express.

    The mini-PC has dual LAN ports, and it is highly recommended for network-dependent solutions and small server connections. It can also be used for small business servers, network storage, or firewall applications.

  • The compact SZBOX T-Box Pro is highly universal and suitable for homes, offices, and more specific applications in industry and networks.

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    Some Features of SZBOX T-Box Pro

    The compact SZBOX T-Box Pro PC specs operate on an Intel N100 chip with four cores and four threads, reaching a maximum speed of 3.4 GHz. Thus, it can effectively and successfully manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

    Despite its small size, the T-Box Pro is power-packed and has a custom mini-motherboard that can be fitted anywhere in your workspace.

  • SZBOX has enough storage space; with 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM at 4800 MHz, this box ensures that applications start and work quickly.

    Compact SZBOX T-Box Pro PC Spec

    Compact SZBOX T-Box Pro PC Specs. Image Credit: Twitter.

    As we have seen, despite being a small device, the T-Box Pro provides a host of storage solutions. It also consists of an M.2 2242 NVMe/SATA SSD slot for faster data storage and, thus, faster-operating system booting and file opening.

    The T-Box Pro’s Intel UHD Graphics, 24 Execution Units, and 750 MHz clock help you with all your media graphics needs for a better display.

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  • SZBOX T-Box Pro Full Specification and Prices

    In the table below, the specifications of the Compact SZBOX T-Box Pro PC are listed.

    Features Specifications
    Use Multimedia
    Memory Capacity 12GB
    Ports Included 1 x USB Type-C (with DisplayPort Alt Mode and USB Power Delivery)
    2 x USB 3.2 Type-A
    2 x USB 2.0 Type-A
    1 x HDMI
    1 x 3.5mm audio
    2 x Gigabit Ethernet
    Network Dual Wifi+Bluetooth, Dual 1000M RJ45 Lan
    size 7.3*7.3*4.3 CM
    Weight 0.2KG
    Model Number T-box PRO
    Processor Model Alder Lake N100
    Type Mini Desktop
    Graphics Card Type Integrated Card
    Brand Name SZBOX
    Origin Mainland China
    Certification CE
    Type MINI PC

    Table Source: AliExpress

    This mini-PC is available in different variants, but its price varies according to its SSD.

    SSD Price
    DDR5 12GB, NO SSD $144.82
    DDR5 12GB 128GB SSD $159.45
    DDR5 12GB 256GB SSD $167.70
    DDR5 12GB 512GB SSD $183.87
    DDR5 12GB 1Tb SSD $206.74
    DDR5 12GB 2TbSSD $270.21

    Table Source: AliExpress

  • This product is available on AliExpress with great discounts of 30%.

    Why Select The SZBOX T-Box?

    The compact SZBOX T-Box Pro is a rugged, multi-application mini-PC that can accommodate almost any application or computing requirement, instilling a sense of security and confidence in its durability.

    Even though compact and lightweight, the T-Box Pro does not compromise on its performance, making it perfect for remote work, media streaming, game playing, software development, personal cloud storage, and portable workstations.

    The Compact SZBOX T-Box Pro is an ultra-efficient and capable mini-PC with excellent performance. Despite its small size, it packs as much punch as one would want from a whole system, leaving you impressed and amazed by its power-to-size ratio.

  • Here is the article on Compact SZBOX T-Box Pro PC specs, which has been concluded and will help you learn about the Mini PC. We will meet you soon with something interesting.


    Q. Is the mini PC the same as a regular PC?

    A. Mini PCs are less powerful and generally can’t be upgraded, but they are ultra-portable and are just the job for those everyday tasks.

  • Q. What is a mini PC used for?

    A. Because of their small size and reliability, they’ve become a popular choice for video conferencing, streaming, and server use alongside general office workflows.

    Q. Is a mini PC okay for gaming?

    A. Mini PCs can be a viable gaming solution, particularly for gamers prioritizing portability and space efficiency.

  • Q. Is a mini PC the future?

    A. Mini PCs will likely find new applications and use cases in various industries, further solidifying their position as the future of computing.

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