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    This Is Tiffany Zhong NoSpace Story: Check Her Background, Net Worth And More!

    William Jones

    By William Jones - Jul 10, 2024 | Updated On: 10 July, 2024 | 4 min read

    By William Jones , 4 min read - Jul 10, 2024

    Updated On: 10 July, 2024

    Tiffany Zhong NoSpace Story. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • Do you also feel social media isn’t social or connected anymore? Today’s social media platforms are focused on commercializing rather than socializing, but one young person decided to change that.

    Tiffany Zhong NoSpace story will convince you that she has created the best socializing app. NoSpace encourages users to socialize with friends rather than share viral hits and commercial content.

    The app offers a text-centric feed with the added flexibility to easily switch to viewing posts exclusively from friends. This app encourages users to share their stream-of-consciousness thoughts instead of focusing on curated posts.

  • Meet Tiffany Zhong: A Young Entrepreneur

    People may call Tiffany the youngest entrepreneur of all time. Do you know why? Let us answer that for you.

    Tiffany Zhong interned at Product Hunt during high school and later worked in venture capital before starting Zebra Intelligence. This startup helped her to understand the needs of the newer generation, aka GEN Z.

    Some might say the next generation is the troubled generation of the current time. However, there are people like Zhong who are focused on their professional endeavors. Meanwhile, she is also a prominent investor in Pineapple Capital.

    Zhong spent a decade studying social media habits before creating the app NoSpace. Today, you will learn Tiffany Zhong NoSpace story in brief and how dope it is.

  • Her parents are Entrepreneurs

    Tiffany grew up in Silicon Valley, where she was lucky to be exposed to all the startups and technology. Did you know that Tiffany’s parents are also entrepreneurs?

    Zhong’s parents are entrepreneurs; they have been building companies their whole lives. Because of her parents, she was inspired and exposed to every essential part of entrepreneurship.

    Tiffany Zhong NoSpace Story

    Tiffany Zhong NoSpace Story. Image Credit: Social Media.

    From the beginning of her childhood, she constantly desired to invent something. When she was growing up, she realized that building things on the Internet was much easier than in the real world, so Tiffany switched to it.

    In high school, she started using Twitter, which led her to meet brilliant people in tech, from founders to investors to operators to folks all over. Her journey started with Twitter, though she was introduced to Snapchat and Instagram at that moment.

  • Know The Tiffany Zhong NoSpace Story: A Successful Venture

    Most younger people who post luxurious or charming pictures on social media suffer or are alone. But we are not saying this. Several media reports and studies have proved this. So, how is NoSpace different from others?

    Guess who came to rescue Gen Z and give them a real taste of socializing through media? Tiffany came with ten years of research and study on social media habits and what Gen Z’s are searching for, “NoSpace,” a platform where they would feel better than worse.

    NoSpace has joined a growing category of new platforms inspired by the old ones. The app will allow users to customize their profiles and share updates on what they’re watching, eating, reading, and listening to.

    Gen Z is tired of the same old social media; this is when a real social app was needed to make them comfortable sharing and give them a reality check of others’ lives rather than influencing like only successful people are living.

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    Talking About The Skills And Experiences Of Tiffany: Personal Life

    Tiffany has a fantastic personality; you must learn about her Tiffany Zhong NoSpace Story. She also dropped out of the University of California, Berkeley, but she has much experience overall.

    Zhong’s experiences make one wonder: How could a young person at that age achieve so much? Let’s discover. She started her career in 2014; she worked at multiple organizations from the beginning of her professional journey.

    Tiffany Zhong NoSpace Story

    Tiffany Zhong NoSpace Story. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Zhong joined hibooks as a board advisor in 2014; she also started working at Binary Capital as a VC for 1.8 years by February 2015. meanwhile, she was also involved in community work.

  • The founder worked for four years (2014-2018) and 1.8 years in Binary Capital ( February 2015- September 2016). Are you wondering why she is being called the founder? Then, let’s find out how many companies she founded in her career:

    1. Zebra IQ (2017-2020)
    2. Future Careers (2019-2020)
    3. Islands (2021-2022)
    4. Pineapple Capital (2017-Present)
    5. Noplace (fka NoSpace) (2023-Present)

    Yes, all those are the companies she founded. She has also worked at other companies, fulfilling significant responsibilities. She was a Brandweek council at Adweek (2019-2021) for two years and a Co-host at

    How NoSpace is focused on Gen Z?

    First, let us inform you that increased social media use can cause harm to your mental health, including impacting one’s self-esteem, sleep, and physical activities.

    Zoomers are working towards creating a more level social media playing field to enhance their experiences. NoSpace values personal interactions over flaunting aspirational lifestyles or putting specific people on a pedestal.

  • Tiffany Zhong spent the last decade studying social media habits and used the information to create NoSpace, a Gen Z version of Myspace. On NoSpace, you can create a friends-only feed for your closest network and access a real-time global feed.

    Similarly, you would also like Instant Teams CEO Liza Rodewald.

    What do we know about Tiffany Zhong Networth?

    Before we discuss Zhong’s fortune, we must consider the fact that she launched her venture in 2023. Within a year, she has been able to raise $15 million in a Series A1 round at a pre-money valuation of $75 million. Hence, the company’s total raise to north is $19 million.

    You might wonder if Zhong’s fortune is massive. Well, at present, her wealth is decent, but it will take some time to reach a peak.

  • Zhong has been an early-stage venture capitalist. Before starting Zebra Intelligence, she worked at a $300 million consumer VC fund and was recognized by the WSJ as the youngest VC in the world.

    Tiffany Zhong NoSpace Story

    Tiffany Zhong NoSpace Story. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Tiffany’s networth is growing just like the list of consumers and was on the waiting list; she is on the way to growth and hasn’t stopped to be counted, though she has something for you as selected press:

    • Wall Street Journal: Youngest VC
    • Forbes 30 Under 30: Marketing & Advertising
    • Forbes: Top 10 Gen Z Experts
    •  Vanity Fair: Future Innovators
    •  Adweek: Young Influentials
    •  Adweek: Gen ZEO Council

    NoSpace makes sense as there’s no space for the unnecessary drama, marketing, business, and commercializing mindset with just interesting similar feeds of your interest, not letting you know about other choices and making you feel disconnected.


  • Q: What is NoSpace? 

    A: A new social media app that wants to give Gen Z the taste of socialization.

    Q: Is NoSpace related to MySpace?

    A: NoSpace is an app inspired by Myspace but with a Gen Z taste.

  • Q: Who created NoSpace? 

    A: Tiffany Zhong created NoSpace.

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