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    Interesting Details About Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Net Worth


    By Rayan - Jun 5, 2024 | Updated On: 14 June, 2024 | 4 min read

    By Rayan , 4 min read - Jun 5, 2024

    Updated On: 14 June, 2024

    Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Net Worth. Image Credit: LinkedIn.

  • Pat Gelsinger is an electrical engineering expert with more than four decades of experience driving innovation and technology leadership.

    Let’s gather some information regarding the successful career of the engineering expert and Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger net worth.

    Recently, at Computex 2024, Gelsinger presented a keynote at which he launched Intel Xeon 6 processors, announced Intel Gaudi 2 price, and Intel Gaudi 3 AI accelerator kits.

  • With the breakthrough Lunar Lake client processor architecture, Intel might soon give a tough block to their rival Nvidia.

    Early Life Of The Electrical Engineering Expert

    Pat Gelsinger was born on March 5, 1961, in Robesonia, Pennsylvania, U.S., on family farms to his parents, Paul Gelsinger and June Gelsinger.

    As a teenager, Pat scored high on an electronics technology test on a LincoIn Tech, earning an early admission scholarship.

    Pat has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) degree from Santa Clara University and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) from Stanford University.

  • Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Net Worth

    Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Gelsinger got his Honorary Doctor of Letters from Jessup University in 2003. He is also an author who discusses work, faith, and philanthropy.

    In 1979, at the age of 18, Pat started his career serving as senior vice president at the Intel Corporation, moving to Silicon Valley.

    Chief Executive Officer Of Intel Corporation

    Pat Gelsinger is Chief Executive Officer at Intel Corporation and serves at Gloo and Transforming The Bay With Christ as board chairman.

    Gloo is a trusted platform that releases the collective might of the faith ecosystem. Intel is a corporation that is missioned to shape the future of technology by creating a better future.

  • Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Net Worth

    Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

    With driving innovation, Patrick has experience and technology leadership of more than 30 years in executive roles and engineering. While more than four decades of experience driving innovation.

    Gelsinger worked as the senior vice president and chief technology officer before serving as president and chief operating officer at Dell Technologies.

    Estimated Net Worth In 2024: $80-$100 Million

    Before revealing Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger net worth, look at his 2021 earnings. His total compensation was 1,711 times larger than the average Intel employee as the revenue rose to $79 billion among supply chain challenges.

    In just over 11 months, joining in February 2021, Pat earned $179.59 million, which Intel later reported until the end of the year.

  • Under Gelsinger’s leadership, Santa Clara, California-based Intel generated an all-time revenue record of $79 billion despite a global supply chain shortage in the chip market.

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    A New Wave Of Processors

    Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger announced the semiconductor giant’s plan in a bid to revitalize the PC market to “usher in the age of the AI PC.” The major AI and graphics updates that debuted at the end of 2023 to client processors.

    The new ware processors began with the first generation of Core Ultra chips, which come with a GPU, CPU, and a neural processing unit in an Intel CPU for the first time.

  • Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Net Worth

    Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Intel, including various tech giants, believes that the AI PC category is a significant opportunity in the industry. The benefits include latency, improved personalization, security, privacy, and reduced costs.

    The company plans to release the successor to Lunar Lake, Meteor Lake, later this year. It also plans to release its first desktop processor series with an NPU in 2024.

    CEO Known For Charity Work

    Gelsinger is different from any other millionaire technology CEO who likes to hike mountains for charity. He is known for his charitable work and deep religious commitment to tackling tough physical activities to help needy people.

    Pat climbed Africa’s highest mountain to raise money for girls in Kenya by constructing a high school.

  • With an elevation of approximately 19,341 feet, Gelsinger raised more than $100,000 by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with the support of Missions of Hope International, which helps vulnerable children and families in Kenya.

    The CEO believes that bringing hope and life to the world’s most vulnerable truly changes the face of eternity for children.

    Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Net Worth

    According to Benzinga, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger net worth has been estimated to be $119 million based on reported shares across various companies, including Mobileye Global Inc., Vmware Inc., Intel Corporation, and EMC Corporation.

    Pat’s most active year for acquiring shares is 2023, with 24 transactions. Totaling 32 transactions, 2007 was Pat’s most active year for disposing of shares.

  • Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Net Worth

    Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger was filed to disclose the total compensation of $16.86 million in 2023. It was 45% more than the compensation of 2022, at $11.61 million.

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    Tripled VMware’s Revenue: Testament To Pat’s Success

    While working at VMware as the CEO, Pat was critical to the massive success of VMware, more than doubling the company’s size during his tenure.

    VMware average revenue expanded from $4.5 billion to $12 billion. The CEO of Intel led VMware through several transformations while serving there.

  • Pat Gelsinger led the company to expand core virtualization and broaden its capabilities to include networking, cloud, 5G/edge, and security. He led the company through extreme expansion and growth, building a solid foundation with eight years of hard work.

    However, Gelsinger is thankful to VMware’s team, customers, and partners for the most rewarding years of his career.

    Honors And Appointments Of Pat Gelsinger

    In 2008, Pat was named a fellow of the Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers (IEEE), which is an honorable achievement.

    Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Net Worth is a testament to his passion for technology. He is the director of the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA). Similarly, he is a National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) member.

  • President Joe Biden appointed the Pat on Science and Technology in 2021. He has advised the President to advocate for the passage and storage of chips in the CHIPS and Science Act.

    Pat also holds the developed for communications, eight design patents, VLSI design, and computer architecture. In March 2022, Pat was a guest at the State of the Union Address.

    Gelsinger was introduced to Indiana Wesleyan University as part of the Society of World Changers in October 2021. He also received a bronze bust, which was placed in the University Library Rotunda.


  • Q. How much does the CEO of Intel make?

    A. The CEO of Intel makes $16.9 million.

    Q. Who is the current Intel CEO?

    A. Patrick (Pat) Gelsinger is the CEO of Intel Corporation.

  • Q. What is the net worth of the CEO of Intel?

    A. His net worth is estimated to be $119 million.

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