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    Onyx Boox Go 10.3 With 300 PPI Full Review: The Ultra-Thin Tablet With A Super Clear E-Paper Display

    Peter Ray

    By Peter Ray - Jul 7, 2024 | Updated On: 10 July, 2024 | 5 min read

    By Peter Ray , 5 min read - Jul 7, 2024

    Updated On: 10 July, 2024

    Onyx Boox Go 10.3 With 300 PPI Full Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • The technology of paper-like displays on tablets has quite taken a turn. Keeping eye comfort in mind, companies have been manufacturing world-class e-readers and tablets. However, Boox Go 10.3 attracts both technophiles and word lovers in the kingdom of contemporary tablets.

    Honestly, it’s more than just a gadget, and Onyx Boox Go 10.3 with 300 PPI full review invites every user into a world where reading becomes innovative. Thus, every flip of a new page is a step into a new age of digital reading.

    The Onyx Boox Go 10.3 is not just another e-reader. It’s one of the better e-readers for artists, students, and people seeking a luxurious viewing experience. One of the highly rated e-readers/e-notebooks of 2024, its qualities offer something new that people would be interested in.

  • Onyx Boox Go 10.3 With 300 PPI Full Review: Hardware Properties

    Let’s jump right into Onyx Boox Go 10.3 with 300 PPI full review starting from its hardware components.

    It has a large 10.3-inch E-ink Carta 1200 e-paper screen with a resolution of 2480 x 1880 pixels. Further, the 300 Pixels Per Inch (PPI) ensures sharp and crisp visuals.

    The Go 10.3-inch tablet is a notch higher in the e-reader market because it has an Android OS, which allows users to enjoy other apps not limited to the Apple system.

    Can the Onyx Boox tablet be used indoors and outdoors? Like the Daylight DC1 Tablet, the Onyx tablet can be used indoors and outdoors in the shade. This is because these tablets have a reflective glass layer.

  • Revolutionize Your Reading & Note-Taking with BOOX Tablet Go 10.3

    Best Pick

    Revolutionize Your Reading & Note-Taking with BOOX Tablet Go 10.3

    BOOX Tablet Go 10.3 ePaper E Ink Tablet - 4G, 64G 300 PPI, B/W

    Onyx Boox Go 10.3 With 300 PPI Full Review

    Onyx Boox Go 10.3 With 300 PPI Full Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The Onyx Boox Go 10.3 is the latest model, powered by a 2.4GHz octa-core processor, 4GB RAM, and 64GB internal storage. No SD card slot exists, but this is not a big issue.

    Further, the tablet is also equipped with stereo speakers, Bluetooth 5.0, a camera, Wi-Fi, and a USB Type-C port, so it offers good connectivity.

    With the Onyx Boox Pen 2 Plus stylus, you will feel like writing on paper. The pen has 4096 pressure levels and is designed for writing, annotations, and drawing.

    Modes and Software Properties

    Onyx Boox Go 10.3 with 300 PPI full review is incomplete without its software powerhouse. The tablet runs on Google Android 12 and has Google Play by default, where users can quickly download and update countless apps.

  • The new Go series User Interface (UI) has a side menu for quick access to the library, store, notes, and applications. The volume control, Wi-Fi signal strength, current time, and battery level are all displayed on the top bar.

    Onyx Boox Go 10.3 With 300 PPI Full Review

    Onyx Boox Go 10.3 With 300 PPI Full Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Users can easily connect Bluetooth headphones and Wi-Fi. The tablet also has an AI assistant for voice commands, Boox Cloud for storing all documents, and Freemark for those who like to draw.

    Looking for a way to entertain your children and protect them from what they encounter on the internet? Onyx is the only brand that provides a powerful Kids Mode, except for Amazon. Parents can log into their Onyx account to manage the applications, set usage times, and view kid profiles.

    You can choose four distinct speed modes to match your needs:

  • Modes Feature
    HD Mode Great for reading, providing clean text and little to no afterimage
    Balanced mode It is best used when the content is to be seen through and for quick reading interactions.
    Fast Mode Immerses browsing and scrolling with almost no ghosting
    Ultrafast Mode Allows for a quick response to the information with a considerable loss of detail, especially when dealing with videos

    Table Source: goodreader.com

    All these speed modes provide different settings for reading, browsing websites, or rapid response to dynamic content. Meanwhile, this tablet provides global options for icons, text darkness, and overall device performance.

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    Is this a Perfect e-reader? You won’t be surprised after finding the Answer

    If you ever use Boox’s latest tablet, you will see how it adapts to being a replica of a newspaper. After the Onyx Boox Go 10.3 with 300 PPI full review, we came to the conclusion that this tablet is a perfect e-reader for books, comics, manga, and PDFs.

  • The 10.3-inch screen is large enough for the text, and page flipping is very fast, mainly if one uses the E-ink Control Centre speed modes.

    The tablet has a built-in application that supports PRC, RTF, Doc, Text, DJVU, PDF, Mobi, FB2, EPUB, CBR, and CBZ formats. The user can change the font type, size, alignment, space between lines, and margins. Manga is good, primarily if it supports CBZ and CBR.

    Onyx offers great reading and signing PDFs, such as documents, newspapers, and D&D sources. You can also write and fill out forms using a stylus or your fingers.

    Onyx Boox Go 10.3 With 300 PPI Full Review

    Onyx Boox Go 10.3 With 300 PPI Full Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Go 10.3 comes with Google Play Books preloaded, where you can download reading or news apps, such as Libby for library books or the Kindle app for eBooks.

  • Onyx improves most applications for a better e-ink experience, including removing the animation of page turns on the Kindle application.

    You will also be surprised by how this tablet offers several options for reading royalty-free books. However, you must download dedicated apps to pay for books or use Google Play Books.

    Draw With Extreme Accuracy On This Digital-Note Taking Device

    Boox 10.3-inch tablet offers freehand drawing, note-taking, or doodling capabilities in 18 different colors. You can export your work as PNG or PDF and check how the colors look on the PC or Mac screen.

    Onyx Boox Go 10.3 with 300 PPI full review tablet has some drawing tools available, including pens, pencils, highlighters, fountain pens, paint brushes, ballpoint pens, and text tools, including line thickness and pressure sensitivity.

  • Like Adobe Photoshop, Boox Go 10.3 has six levels and a base template for detailed work that does not change the layout.

    You can share your screen on a PC, which can be great during a business meeting or when presenting. This app can be synchronized with a companion Android app and soon with iOS, and it has 10GB of cloud storage.

    Onyx Boox Go 10.3 With 300 PPI Full Review

    Onyx Boox Go 10.3 With 300 PPI Full Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Users can input a 500-page document, customize their favorite pen and reuse it, or import pictures from Dropbox or Google Drive.

    Users can directly draw on PDFs and save them as new documents or overwrite the original ones. They also get immediate page flips and excellent performance. Requests to pinch to zoom for better usability.

  • Onyx Boox Go 10.3 with 300 PPI full review tablet improved Notes app recognizes handwriting. It lets you add recordings, pictures, attachments, and links, making the notes more lively.

    Similarly, you can go through Ugee UE16 Drawing Monitor Is A Spacious Canvas.

    Specification Of Onyx Boox Go 10.3

    Some of the technical specifications of the Onyx tablet are listed below in tabular form:

    Features Specifications
    Screen 10.3″ HD Carta 1200 glass screen with flat cover-lens
    Resolution 2480×1860 (300 PPI)
    Touch BOOX stylus touch (4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity) + capacitive touch
    CPU 2.4Ghz Octa-core
    RAM 4GB
    ROM 64GB
    Connectivity Wi-Fi (2.4GHz + 5GHz) + BT 5.0
    Operating System Android 12
    Image Formats PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF
    Audio Formats WAV, MP3
    Battery 3700 mAh Li-ion Polymer
    Dimensions 235*183*4.6mm (9.3″ x 7.2″ x 0.18″)
    Weight Approx. 375g (13.2oz)

    Table Source: BOOX

  • You can buy this tablet from its official site, Boox, for $379.99.

    Pros and Cons

    Let’s say that after Onyx Boox Go 10.3 with 300 PPI full review, we found only a few minor issues with this tablet. Here, take a look:

    Pros Cons
    • 300 PPI Screen
    • Powerful Hardware
    • Google Play Integration
    • Absence of SD card
    • Lack of Front-lit display

    So, what do you think? If you wish to add Boox’s 10.3-inch tablet to your cart, please leave your review on Amazon.

    Top Customer Reviews

    Boox’s latest ultra-thin tablet, which is lightweight and paperweight, is undoubtedly a beautiful product. If you are thinking of buying one, first check out what other customers have to say.

  • If we look at Amazon’s reviews from verified purchases, we see that everyone has nothing but praise for this product. One of the verified buyers of Boox gave five stars and said:

    The Go 10.3 is a marvelous device that is a joy to use for reading and note-taking in the correct lighting environments. It has a high resolution 300 ppi display, and the Boox built in software enables extremely powerful reading and note taking capabilities even without having to use third party android apps.

    Priced at $379, the Onyx Boox Go 10.3 is very affordable, especially considering its many features.

    In conclusion, the Onyx Boox Go 10.3 with 300 PPI full review might have given you some insight about the product.

  • Whether you are a reader, a businessperson who requires a note-taking tool, or a doodler, this e-reader and e-notebook are precisely what you have been looking for and more.


    Q: What is the price of an Onyx Boox 10.3-inch tablet?

    A: Boox’s tablet costs $379.

  • Q: What are the features of the Boox’s e-paper tablet?

    A: Boox’s new tablet has powerful hardware, Google Play integration, and a fantastic e-reader experience.

    Q: Is the Onyx Boox 10.3 tablet worth it?

    A: Yes, Boox’s tablets are worth it.

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