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    iDPRT SP410 Printer Specs: Budget Friendly Thermal Label Printer

    Alexander Johnson

    By Alexander Johnson - Apr 5, 2024 | Updated On: 12 April, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Alexander Johnson , 3 min read - Apr 5, 2024

    Updated On: 12 April, 2024

    iDPRT SP410 Printer Specs. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • iDPRT is a leading supplier of industrial and desktop barcode printers and other hardware and software solutions worldwide. Its printers, including the iDPRT SP410, have received excellent customer response.

    Therefore, this article will focus on the iDPRT SP410 printer specs. We will also divulge customer ratings and expert views regarding the printer. So, stay tuned until the end.

    A Short Intro About iDPRT

    iDPRT sells low-cost thermal label printers in sizes ranging from 2 to 4 inches. Their best-selling 4-inch shipping label printer, SP410, features high-speed printing and paper inhalation capabilities, making it popular in the E-commerce and logistics industries.

  • Other well-featured label printers are built for small business and office label printing, with simple operation and excellent compatibility with various label sizes.

    iDPRT SP410 Printer Specs

    iDPRT SP410 Printer Specs. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The iDPRT SP410 is a consumer-grade label printer that works with various media and has extremely low operating expenses. It is primarily a shipping label printer but may also be used for other purposes, including barcodes and QR codes.

    The SP410’s simplicity and inexpensive cost make it ideal for small enterprises that frequently send goods or require other label printing services.

    Customers And Expert Review

    iDPRT SP410 printer specs were and still the talk of the town. Thanks to that, it offers a straightforward user experience for people looking for a low-cost, portable thermal label printer.

  • According to some reviewers, while the product lacks some conveniences, its essential design is compatible with many enterprises’ systems. If you’re seeking a low-cost option, the iDPRT SP410 can handle all your shipping and packing label requirements.

    iDPRT SP410 Printer Specs

    iDPRT SP410 Printer Specs. Image Credit: Social Media.

    The SP410 has drivers that give a primary interface and allow you to generate and print simple labels. It should be compatible with most Windows and macOS programs like Canon Pixma TS202 and Mimaki USA UJV100-160 Plus.

    Most significantly, it works with label printing apps from FedEx, UPS, USPS, and most other global shippers. The printer identifies the size and kind of media and communicates that information to the app you print, resulting in a pleasantly streamlined experience.

    This inkless thermal printer uses no ink or toner, so if you ship shipments via a provider that supplies both label software and media for free, your operational expenses will be nothing.

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    iDPRT SP410 Printer Specs

    The table below summarizes the thermal printer’s primary features and specifications. Please review it to determine whether it meets your needs.

    Specifications Type Info
    Printing Method


  • Speed Maximum

    Width Maximum

    Length Maximum

    Direct Thermal


  • 150 mm/s

    108 mm

    300 mm

    Processor 32-bit RISC CPU
    Memory RAM


    2 MB

  • 2 MB

    Detection Sensors Label edge detection, out-of-paper detection, gap detection, black market detection, cover open detection
    Media Type



    Paper Diameter

  • External folding paper

    Folded paper or roll

    50mm to 118mm

    60um to 220um

    Max OD 127mm

  • 100 x 1000 x 300 mm

    Programming Language TSPL
    Software Label Design


    IDPRT Label Design
    Barcode 1D


    Code 39, 93, 128UCC,..

    QR Code

    Power Adapter Input

  • Output

    AC100V-240V 1.5A


    Environment Operation


    5-40 degree C, 30-85RH

    -20-122 degree C

    Physical Dimension 220x120x108mm
    Characteristics Weight 1.5kg
    Optional Accessories External 5-inch roll stand or folding paper box
    Agency Approvals CCC, FCC, CE
    Price Amazon $139.99

    Table Source: iDPRT

  • iDPRT SP410 printer specs are one of a kind, and the printer supports both fan-fold labels and roll labels. This allows you to print more than the standard-size labels with ease.

    Similarly, you might like to read about the Canon Pixma TS202 Series Review.

    Why Buy This Product? Pros And Cons


    • Exceptionally low running costs
    • Quick prints
    • Easy to use and deploy
    • Various selection of inexpensive label media
    • Supports shipping and other labeling applications
    • Compact in size


    • USB-A might require an adapter
    • Label holders should be bought separately
    • Lacks connectivity options

    This is the end of our iDPRT SP410 printer review. We will be back with another article soon. Until then, Sayonara.

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