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    Senua Saga Used Unreal Engine 5: Taking VFX To The Next Level

    Tyler Joe

    By Tyler Joe - Apr 5, 2024 | Updated On: 19 April, 2024 | 3 min read

    By Tyler Joe , 3 min read - Apr 5, 2024

    Updated On: 19 April, 2024

    Senua Saga Used Unreal Engine 5. Image Credit: Social Media.

  • The upcoming sequel of the Senaus saga, Hellblade 2, has made headlines again with its awesome visuals.

    The main props go to Unreal Engine 5 for its real-life graphics. Let’s see how Senua Saga used Unreal Engine 5 and took its graphics to the next level.

    Unreal Engine 5: A Game Changer

    Unreal Engine has taken its virtual production development to new heights and currently has a ton of powerful features that redefine what is possible in games.

  • Senua Saga Used Unreal Engine 5

    Senua Saga Used Unreal Engine 5. Image Credit: Social Media.

    So what do we get to see in the new HellBlade 2, and how has it become better with unreal engine?

    A Revolution in Lighting from Lumen

    Senua Saga Used Unreal Engine 5, which ditches pre-baked lighting and enables real-time ray tracing, making the visuals almost hyper-realistic. With Lumen, lighting is amazing in the game.

    The sunlight and other secondary lights, like firelight, realistically illuminate the surroundings.

    Senua Saga Used Unreal Engine 5

    Senua Saga Used Unreal Engine 5. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Lumen makes the whole experience extremely immersive, and you can expect the lights in the game to be real live since it copies a lot from how we perceive light in real life.

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    Nanite: Worlds in Exquisite Detail

    Nanite is an unreal Engine virtualized geometry system that is said to use internal mesh format and rendering technology to add amazing detail and make the game look precise.

    With this tech, Hell Blade 2 will have a vast and detailed environment and characters. Even minor details like scratches in armor and details on rocks look real in this game.

    Due to this tech, artists will not have to manually work on details like this and rather focus on the creative side, so we can definitely expect some creative and immersive world in this game.

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    World Partition: Seamless World

    What is Word Partition in Unreal Engine 5? The world partition is like having an entire world/map on the same sheet.

    But when you play the game, instead of showing you the whole game at once, the game will only show you parts you are close to.

    Senua Saga Used Unreal Engine 5

    Senua Saga Used Unreal Engine 5. Image Credit: Social Media.

    This makes it easier for your device to run the game smoothly, and nowadays, open worlds are huge, so it’s not possible to load everything at once.

  • Due to this, Hell Blade 2 will not have any level loading screens, and gamers will be able to enjoy huge interconnected worlds. This will allow the game to be engaging and easy flowing.

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    The Art of Storytelling Through Visuals

    Senua’s Saga was praised for its innovative portrayal of mental illness. UE5 empowers developers to take visual storytelling to the next level.

    In Senua’s Saga: The original Hell Blade story was loved by games for its innovative portrayal of the characters through visual, sound, and story.

  • Senua Saga Used Unreal Engine 5

    Senua Saga Used Unreal Engine 5. Image Credit: Social Media.

    Since Senua Saga Used Unreal Engine 5, the story will be thrilling, filled with horrors left at home, action-packed cut scenes, and definitely some awesome world.

    The immense detail by Unreal Engine makes the graphics breathe into life. These games look on par with games like god of War, Spiderman 2, and newer studio games.

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    A Glimpse into the Future of Gaming?

    Senuas Saga: Hellblade 2 is filled with the potential of Unreal Engine 5 and the direction of gaming in the future.

  • One thing is true: wherever it is headed, it will surely have excellent graphics and visuals. Further, Hellblade will run at 30 FPS alongside dynamic scaling on the Xbox series X/S.

    We are sure Hellblade 2 will be the base mark for all the upcoming games and the new standard for game visuals.

    In the near future, we can expect Unreal Engine to push boundaries and achieve more.

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